(c) 2019 National Taekwon-Do Association - ITF, Inc. 

Rules of Competition

Competition Rules

Tournament Rules will be in accordance with the Official Rules of ITF Competition as outlined at https://www.taekwondoitf.org/

Rules & Procedure for Individual Pattern Competition

Reglas y Procediamento para la competicion de Figuras Individual

Equipment / Uniforms Requirements

Sparring Gear

  • All gloves and foot protectors must be in accordance with ITF-approved sparring gear   (A full list of ITF-Approved sparring gear can be found at: http://approved.tkd-itf.org/ext/approved-itf)

  • Helmets are mandatory but may be of a foam material and need not be ITF-approved)


Doboks must comply with the standard ITF uniform requirements (ITF Tree on back, ITF seal on front left chest, ITF letters on pant leg)

ITF Competitors from Other Associations

All ITF members are permitted to participate in the event regardless of their association affiliation. However, they must:

  • Request permission from the National Association of their country

  • Adhere to ALL competition rules and regulations and wear official ITF dobok and approved sparring gear.

  • The organizing committee reserves the right to deny admittance to any competitor, coach or supporter.