(c) 2019 National Taekwon-Do Association - ITF, Inc. 

Weigh-In / Check - In


 All competitors must be present at the Weigh-In, regardless if they are participating in sparring.  Anyone not present at weigh-in will be removed from the competition schedule and will not receive their ID cards to enter the competition.


Friday, November 8, 2019


Hotel Spiwak (exact location to be announced)


Weigh-In begins at 8:30AM until 8:00PM

Required Dress:

Official ITF Dobok and T-Shirt

Required Documentation:

Everyone must present at Check-In with official documentation. 

All non-Colombian competitors must present their official passport at weigh-in. 


All participants from Colombia must present their passport, or another form of official government ID at the check-in.



A maximum margin of 500 grams (g) over the indicated weight category is permitted.   Any competitor not making their weight on their first attempt will be allowed to present themselves for a second (and final) weight-check at a maximum of one (1) hour from the time of their first weigh-in. 

Any competitors who fail to make their weight at this time will be removed from the sparring competition.  No changes in weight categories will be allowed.